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Mexican Restaurants We Have Tried

While we don’t eat out much since we went full-time in our motorhome, when we do we usually will search out a Mexican restaurant.  We are not foodies by any means, we just like good Mexican food.

I would guess that most folks would view us as pretty boring and that is okay with us.  By boring I mean, we usually get enchiladas, as we both love enchiladas.  John will usually go for beef enchiladas and I will bounce between beef and chicken enchiladas depending on my mood for the day.  John likes to eat the chips that is usually brought to our table, while I will always try the salsa that accompanies the chips.  John likes his Mexican food more on the mild to medium side and I like mine spicier.  My only issue is that I am not a fan of refried beans and will always ask for extra rice instead of the beans.  Most time, restaurants will accommodate my request.  Add salsa that comes with the chips to the rice and I am a happy camper.

This is a list of some of the restaurants we have tried around the country.  We have eaten at several more, but unfortunately did not take any pictures of our meal.


Tanais Mexican Restaurant & Store – 37 West Street, Gettysburg, PA

This restaurant is a little hole in the wall place located off the main streets in the back of a Mexican grocery store.  Just off restaurant was a room that housed items for Quinceaneras (for celebrations when a girl turns 15 in Latin culture).   The food was very authentic and good.  The owners spoke little English.


Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant – 410 Miracle Mile, Lebanon, NH

Gusanoz Mexican Restaurant

Our waiter suggested the Enchilada Trio.  It was a dish suggested to the restaurant by Robert Irvine who visited the restaurant as part of his show Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network in 2008.  The restaurant was busy when we were there.  The dish was very good.



El Canelo – 357 Main Street, Conneaut, OH

We stopped by at lunch time and decided to have the special.  Will say it was a lot of food and we didn’t finish our plates.



Los 3 Mayas Restaurant – 595 Ashland Road, Mansfield, OH

This is were we celebrated John’s birthday.  We thought this was an interesting plate, as we had never had enchiladas served with a cheese sauce on top.  It was different, but very good.



Antigua Latin Restaurant – 5823 West Burnham Street, West Allis, WI (suburb of Milwaukee)

Antigua Latin Restaurant

This was a full meal.  We ordered the chicken enchiladas and the meal started out with a cup of corn chowder soup before being served the enchiladas.  The meal ended with the waiter bringing us a sample of a new dessert they were trying out.  The meal was very pretty and wasn’t like anything we had ever had before.  John chose this particular restaurant because we stopped in Milwaukee so he could purchase a telescope he had seen on Craigslist and he thought that I might be a little angry.



Corona Village – 1101 South Burr Street, Mitchell, SD

Corona Village

While we lived in South Dakota before we went full-time in our motorhome, we lived on the western side of the state and Mitchell is located on the Eastern side.  Having never eaten here before we thought we would check it out since we were passing thru.



La Posta de Mesilla – 2410 Calle De San Albino, Mesilla, NM

La Posta de Mesilla

This restaurant is located in the historic town of Mesilla, just west of Las Cruces, NM.  The building this is located in was built in the 1840’s and the restaurant was started in 1939 by Katy Griggs.

We had previously eaten at this restaurant before when we were in the area on vacation prior to going full-time and wanted to stop by to see if it was still operating.

The enchiladas here are served rather uniquely.  They are served flat like a stack of pancakes.  That was interesting.  The food was very good and spicy.



Cervantes Restaurant & Lounge – 5801 Gibson Boulevard SE, Albuquerque, NM

Cervantes Restaurant & Lounge

We went here early for lunch at 11 AM and it didn’t take long before the restaurant was busy.

We had the Enchilada plate, which included 2 enchiladas served with your choice of red or green chili on top and served your choice of rolled or flat.  Also, the plate came with 2 sopaiplles with honey.  While John and I both agreed on rolled enchiladas, he went with the red chili  and I chose to try both the red and green.  Food here was very good.



El Charro Mexican Restaurant – 2101 AZ-95 #4, Bullhead City, AZ

Our meal here started out with a cup of soup before we got our enchiladas.  I must admit that I did not finish my soup.  There was nothing wrong with the it, I was just saving myself for the enchiladas.



El Toro Mexican Restaurant – 778 Falls Drive, Twin Falls, ID

This little hole in the wall restaurant can easily be over looked.  There was nothing special about the location, just about a dozen tables.  The enchiladas were good and the staff was friendly.  One could tell that this restaurant had a following of regular customers.



Fiesta Guadalajara – 336 South Oregon St., Ontario, OR

Fiesta Guadalajara

Fiesta Guadalajara is located downtown.  The restaurant was decorated nicely.  We stopped by around 2 PM after we got to town.  Had the lunch special, which was 2 Enchiladas for $7.75.   As usual, I asked for a second serving of rice instead of beans.  The salsa appeared to be made fresh.  It was rather chunky, with chunks of onion and tomatoes​.   The enchiladas were not skimpy.



El Ranchero – 516 Oregon Way, Longview, WA

This little hole in the wall restaurant could easily be missed.  We went in search of this restaurant after looking at the reviews of Mexican restaurants in the area and we were not disappointed.  The complimentary chips were warm and the salsa was a little spicy, but not overly spicy.  The enchiladas were good.  John had the ground beef, while I ordered the shredded beef.  The enchiladas came with plenty of enchilada sauce and the rice was a little bland.  The salsa that came with the chips was a little spicy, but not too spicy.


Casper WY

On the Border – 71 SE Wyoming Blvd, Casper, WY

On the Border

We normally do not stop at Mexican restaurants that are chain affiliated, as we like to seek out small mom & pop type Mexican restaurants.  We were in Casper at Walmart and saw this restaurant so we stopped for lunch.  The food was okay, but nothing really spectacular.  There really wasn’t much for enchilada sauce on the enchiladas.


Tocayo Mexican Grill & Cantina – 283 S. Joe Martinez Blvd, Pueblo, CO

This restaurant was recommended to us by some folks we met in the campground we are staying at.  The salsa that came with the complimentary chips was a little bit spicy but tolerable.  The shredded chicken enchiladas and the ground beef enchiladas were very good.  There was plenty of enchilada sauce on the plate.  You could choose between getting one, two or three enchiladas.  The difference in price wasn’t much between two and three enchiladas – only about a dollar.  The restaurant also offered some American food like burgers and had a bar.  We would definitely eat here again.


La Cochina – 928 N. Lincoln, York, NE

The enchiladas in this restaurant were interesting?  First of all, we both had the #5 combination which consisted of one taco, two enchiladas and rice.  The taco was good, but when we tried the enchiladas they were kind of sweet.  We both decided we could taste a lot of cinnamon in the enchilada sauce.  Must admit the cinnamon gave the enchilada a peculiar taste.  Guess that is how they make enchiladas in NE?  The complimentary chips where ok, but not warm.  The salsa accompanying the chips was fine, but seemed to consist of a lot of watered down tomato paste?  This restaurant was recommended by a fellow camper staying in the same campground as us for the solar eclipse.  The restaurant ranked high on Trip Advisor.  It was interesting to say the least, and if we had ordered something different maybe this review would be different.



Tropical Mexican Restaurant – 428 S. 1st Street, Wakeeney, KS

We had a combo of two enchiladas and a taco which came with rice only.  The taco shell was homemade and crunchy.  The enchiladas could have used a little more enchilada sauce. The portion size was large for lunch.  The salsa that came with the complimentary chips was thick & hardy.  The salsa came in a bottle and I used a knife to get it started to pour into the dish.  This meal was very filling and good.  I enjoyed the hard shell taco and the chips with salsa.



Macho’s Fast Mexican Food – 275 East 8th Avenue, Durango, CO

This restaurant was not the kind of Mexican restaurant that we normally try to seek out.  Macho’s was sort of a fast food Mexican kind of place.  When you walk in the door there is a counter off to the left side and above the counter was the menu to place your order from.  When we walked in the door, we noticed a white board on the wall listing the specials for the day.  One of the specials was 2 enchiladas for $5.50.  We both ordered the special and didn’t realize that it came with lettuce.  The restaurant has tables to sit at and the customer needs to walk to the counter to pick up their meal just like in a fast food place.  The meal comes on a paper plate and when you get your beverage from the machine, you can pick-up your plastic silverware.   Near there was a salsa bar with several kinds of salsa.  The enchiladas were very good.  The only complaint we had if you could call it that was we left a little hungry.  That was our fault as we should have ordered a larger meal.  We would definitely eat here again if we are in the area.



Dancing Eagle Casino Great American Diner – 167 Casa Blanca Rd, Casa Blanca, NM

We were camped in the Dancing Eagle RV park which is right next door to the Dancing Eagle Casino and decided to check out this restaurant in the casino for lunch.   The menu featured breakfast, American & Southwest food.  We choose the enchilada plate which consisted of 3 enchiladas, refried beans and rice.  The enchiladas were made the New Mexico way – flat as a pancake with meat in between the tortilla layers.  One has the choice between red or green  chile.  We both chose the red.  There was plenty of red chili on the enchiladas that was a little spicy.  The size of the meal was more than ample for lunch and neither one of us finished our plate.  The enchilada plate was very good.



Ramona’s – 904 East Motel Drive, Lordsburg, NM

This little whole in the wall café serves both American and Mexican food.  It is a small place with only 7 tables and the locals seem to like eating here.  Even though they offer American food, we noticed that all the plates being served to customers had Mexican food.  So it must be good, right?  We got here at the right time and the place quickly filled up.   The complimentary chips were homemade and the accompanying salsa packed a little bit of heat.  As usual, we both ordered the enchilada plate with ground beef and were given the choice between red or green sauce.  We chose the red sauce and it also sported a little heat.   The enchiladas were served the New Mexico way which meant flat not rolled.  One could get chopped onions added on top and that is what I went for.  The rice was some of the best that we have ever had.   The town of Lordsburg isn’t much, but this place served some of the best Mexican food that we have had in a long time.  We would definitely suggest eating here.



Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant – 723 West 4th St., Benson, AZ

This little gem sits back from the road and can easily be missed.  The restaurant is small and can only seat about 28 people.  The complimentary chips were homemade and were quite thick.  The accompanying salsa was not your typical salsa.  It appeared to be mango based and was not spicy.  The meal itself was served with a little flair.  A cinnamon dessert chip cut into a bird was set in the rice.  The enchiladas were very good with homemade enchilada sauce.  They came with a little lettuce, cabbage and cheese on top.  We had the option of adding a little sour cream drizzled on top. I went for the sour cream and John did not.  The picture above was of John’s meal as I did not receive a desert chip.  I think they might have forgotten to include it as I had all rice and no beans plus the sour cream drizzle.  The plate was huge dwarfing the meal itself.  It appeared to be the size of a small platter.


Rancho Rustico

Rancho Rustico Mexican Restaurant – 8290 South Houghton Road, Ste -140, Tucson, AZ

This restaurant is currently located in a strip mall, but will be moving to a larger building soon.  It will still be located on Houghton Road.   The complimentary chips were homemade and the accompanying salsa packed a little heat.  The enchiladas had quite a bit of meat in them and with just the right amount of enchilada sauce.   They were covered with a lot of cheese.  While we tend to eat at a lot of Mexican restaurants, I must say that this is the first restaurant where the meal was actually served at a hot temperature when it arrived at our table.  The lunch portion was large.  Our meal was very good and we would definitely eat here again.


























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