Road Trip with John & Cathy

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About Us


Thanks for stopping by.  We are full-timers John and Cathy.

We have been living and travelling in our motorhome since June 2016 when we sold our campground in the Black Hills of South Dakota and retired.  While we loved meeting people from every state in the union and from 20+ countries, we were getting a little burned out working 24 / 7.

Embarking on living a full-time lifestyle wasn’t difficult for us.  Prior to owning and working in a campground, we had camped for years starting out tent camping and moving up the line from a pickup camper to a Class C motorhome.  Then it was a smaller Class A motorhome and now our current Class A.

We have always travelled.  The only difference now is we get to sleep in our own bed every night and we aren’t under any time constraints to get back to work.

Please join us on our journey…