This past week we came across two hidden gems that we want to share.  One was in the little town of Glenrock, Wyoming and the other in Loveland, Colorado.

Glenrock Paleontological Museum

This little museum has a preparation lab and a gift shop.  Dinosaur fossils exhibited in the museum where found about 5 miles from Glenrock, WY.  They continue to dig for more fossils.


This is one of the few facilities where visitors can visit the preparation lab to see fossils being prepared.

Volunteers offer guided tours of the museum and prep lab Tuesday – Saturday.

The museum hours are 11 – 5.  There is a $5 addmission fee per person.  We thought of the admission fee as more of a donation towards the work that they are doing here.


The second hidden gem that we came across was the Benson Sculpture Garden in Loveland, CO.


This 10 acre garden provides a beautiful and unique outdoor setting for showcasing 154 sculptures by world renowned artists.  Sculptures are on permanent display in the garden.

The garden has a nice handicapped-accessible sidewalk that winds its way thru the garden.  There are benches, picnic tables, pavilion, and restrooms available in the garden.

This “public treasure” has been recognized as “one of the 200 most important modern and contemporary art sites around the world” and as “one of the 20 must-see contemporary art sites across the United States.”

This garden was so peaceful and beautiful.  We actually visited the garden on two different days.  We loved the sculptures.

The garden is free and definitely a must see stop if visiting Loveland.


While we did not take pictures of all the sculptures, here are some more we are sharing: