Spring was in the air and wildflowers were blooming.

We were in Yuma, AZ and for days we kept hearing on the news about the super bloom going on in California.  It was supposed to be unlike anything seen in the area since 2005.

We were going to be leaving Yuma and head towards Blythe, CA where we would stay for a week.  On the drive to Blythe, we got to talking about the possibility of taking a day trip over to Joshua Tree National Park to see what all the talk about the super bloom was about.

A day trip to Joshua Tree National Park would be a 75 mile trip one way to see wildflowers.  We picked a day and headed west.  When we got to the park there were all kinds of people walking and driving around the park with camera in hand to get a picture of the wildflowers.

While we weren’t there during the peak time of the super bloom, we weren’t disappointed.

Here are some of the pictures we took –



Hours:  Joshua Tree National Park is open 24 hours everyday.

Entrance Fee:
Vehicle:  $25
Motorcyle/Bicycle/Walk-in: $12