We took off from Marathon, Texas headed towards Big Bend National Park not knowing what to expect.  All we was Big Bend was in southern Texas, that it bordered Mexico and border patrol would be everywhere.  We assumed that it would be all desert.

bbnp 6

We were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful and diverse Big Bend National Park was.  Enjoying the park so much the first day, we actually made the 70 mile one way drive a second time.

The first time we visited the park we went to the west end of the park and visited the Santa Elena Canyon overlook, where you see the large rock wall that separates the United States from Mexico.

bbnp 9

We stopped at all the pull-outs on our way back to the Panther Junction Visitor Center seeing Cerro Castellon, Mule Ears view point, Sotol Vista and Chisos Basin.

bbnp 18

The second day we went east of the Panther Junction Visitor Center to visit Boquilles Canyon overlook, the Rio Grande Overlook and the Hot Springs area.

bbnp 20

Big Bend National Park was so quiet and peaceful.  It is one of the largest, most remote and least-visited National Parks in the contiguous United States.  About 325,000 annually visit this park.

If you get the chance to visit the park by all means do so, you won’t be disappointed.