…”Let’s go to Luckenbach Texas with Waylon and Willie and the boys.  This successful life we’re livin’ got us feuding like the Hatfield’s & McCoys.

Between Hank Williams pain songs and Newberry’s train songs and blue eyes cryin’ in the rain out in Luckenbach Texas Ain’t nobody feeling’s no pain…” by Waylon Jennings, 1977.

Luckenbach was first named Grape Creek (or more likely a poor transliteration in the records of ‘Gap Creek’).   It was later changed to Luckenbach which comes from ‘lucken’ meaning gap and ‘bach’ meaning stream.

The town was first established as a community trading Post, one of a few that never broke a peace treaty with the Comanche Indians, with whom they traded.


Today, Luckenbach maintains a ghost-town feel, with it’s small population and strong western feel.

One of it’s two main buildings houses remnants of a post office, a working saloon and a general store.  The other is the dance hall.

The post office was closed on April 30, 1971 and it’s zip code (78647) was retired.

The general store remains active now days as a souvenir shop where visitors can purchase a variety of items including merchandise featuring the town’s motto “Everybody’s Somebody in Luckenbach.”

Luckenbach hosts live music each weekend.  On Sundays, it is common for visitors to bring instruments and take turns performing with others in the crowd.

We were here in the middle of the week and there wasn’t much going on, besides a few folks in the general store.